Friday, June 12, 2009

Recovery Break

Many people think that it's all about the workout, that improvement happens all during the sweating. How you recover from those hard workouts is just as important because that is where the magic happens in your muscles. One of the key components to great speedy recovery is a good snack or meal within 30-60 minutes after you finish a workout or long run. A mix of carbs and protein 4:1 is usually what is recommended. The lovely spread I had this morning after my 8 miler was a Lender's blueberry bagel topped with 2% cottage cheese and a very crisp Braeburn apple. Ice cold water was needed to quench my great thirst after my long run. The lovely mess behind my delicious meal is all my wedding stuff that consist of sample invitations, fabric, magazine, monogrammed thank you cards, etc. and so on. I cannot wait for the next 4 days off from work, I am need of a break. Headed to my favorite lunch spot Panera for a great chat session with a great friend.

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