Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Weight Loss Journey Begins

Well, I have been avoiding this topic for quite sometime but I feel it is time to face the facts that I have gained weight. Too much weight to be exact. I will not get into the nitty gritty numbers but my current BMI just puts me into the overweight category. A place I always feared I would end up again. I decided to go public with my new journey in hopes for accountability from fellow bloggers and readers.

I am also hopeful that by beginning this weight loss journey once again, it will get me motivated to blog more. As many of you know I have lost weight, a lot of weight before. For the first time around, I found myself stuck in the world of bars and p lanned meals that left me feeling trapped. After maintaining my 100 lbs weight loss fir 2.5 years without the use of bars/planned meals programs, I would like to continue this style of eating as I begin my new weight loss journey.

During my weight gain I have slowly been running less, going from an average of 40 mpw to around 20 mpw. This mileage decease first began as a time of rest and change for my body. To be honest, now I am not running as much because the added weight is hurting my knees to much.

Though I am not completely focused on a number, I would like my BMI to fall into the healthy category. I am so excited to head back in the right direction of being a avid runner who is fueled properly.

More to come...

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