Saturday, August 1, 2009

Taste Like Chicken and Waffles

So I have never had the beloved southern food combination of chicken and waffles. I have always been intrigued by it but never took the food dive, mainly because of the fried chicken. But I have always been drawn to a sweet and salty combination such as chicken and waffles like many others, hench the popularity of the dish. Lately I have been craving waffles but just having waffles did not seem that appealing to me. So I decided to take an old classic and give it a healthier twist. So I give you eggs and waffles with sugar-free syrup. The Kashi Honey Wheat waffles with syrup were just enough sweetness to balance the saltiness from the eggs. I am always a big fan of mixing different textures with my food combinations and this was a great one. My morning breakfast was also very filling and keep me full for 4.5 hours. Word to the wise, protein/fiber are your friend because they slow down your digestion=fuller for longer.

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