Saturday, August 8, 2009

Hot One

The day has been progressing in slow motion mainly because it is SO HOT! I have been working the past few days so I have been fortunate enough to miss the heat. I decided that the best thing today was to get out and get moving. I started out my day at the gym with an easy 6 miles then weights. It felt SO GOOD to just run. I just wanted to run, without it the day would have not been complete. After my run I headed home for a light lunch that consisted of steamed broccoli/cauliflower and a tuna sandwich. Next on my day was Barnes and Noble for coffee with a friend to "talk."

It was good to see a smiling familiar face. Since it was so hot I decided on a Starbucks Vivanno smoothie to help bring down the heat. After the bookstore I headed over to Wal-mart. Word to the wise, never go to Wal-Mart the Saturday before school starts. Nightmare! My only reason for going was to buy some big Rubbermade containers to put all my wedding planning stuff and anything to do with Jamie away. I have not started this process yet. I need some time to process everything before saying goodbye to it all.

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