Thursday, August 13, 2009

Belgium to Italy

I started off my day before work with an amazing breakfast that took me all the way to Belgium. Yesterday at the grocery store I had a craving for waffles so I knew exactly what my creation would be this morning.

I enjoy 3 Vans Waffles topped with scrambled egg whites and syrup. A banana with white chocolate peanut butter added the right amount of sweetness to complete my breakfast. Even if these waffles were not from Belgium, they were big and fluffy enough to do the trick.

The past week or so has been a blurr with all the changes in my life but through it all I have decided to always have a running to do list for my life. I guess you could say it is my "bucket list." One of the things on my list that was easy enough to accomplish was make a dish with polenta in it. During my trip to the grocery store yesterday I spotted some pre-made polenta from the good folks and Melissa's. There were many different flavors like sun-dried tomato but I decided on the plain for my first taste. Here is what I came up with for my lunch today.

I sliced half of the polenta in to 4 sections and topped with some chickpeas, garlic pasta sauce, baby bellas, and low fat cobly jack cheese. I added a Gala apple for a small dessert.

The polenta was firm yet still creamy in texture with a flavor that was not to over-powering. After my trip in Belgium this morning, I could not believe I had already made it to Italy.

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