Monday, August 10, 2009

Comfort Food

During times of change and stress many people including myself use food for comfort. The past few days I have really been trying to figure out what foods I am craving and then going for it. Yesterday I felt that oatmeal was something I needed, a big bowl of warm oatmeal to start my day. I love my oatmeal to be more savory with a hint of sweetness.

Since it is a work day for me I whipped up a batch of oats in the microwave while making some scrambled egg whites. I mixed those together with a little honey and added a banana with white chocolate peanut butter. As you have noticed I do measure my peanut butter in a tablespoon so I do not get carried away and eat half the jar. My breakfast was just what I needed to start my day and hopefully keep full for the morning rush at work.

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