Sunday, May 24, 2009

Buzzing Through The Day

Nothing like a good buzz in the morning to get your engine going. If you have been a long follower of my blog you know about my love for coffee. I am always trying new flavored brews, add-ins, or ways to serve. Today was no different as I created this tasty concoction from Archer Farms Honey Nut. With the rising summer heat I find myself enjoying my iced coffee more and more. The caffeine kick lead me well into the afternoon for a round of wedding to do's. I signed up with Palm Beach Tan to begin regaining my Florida girl status for the wedding. This should be interesting because the last time I went to a tanning bed was in high school. My afternoon agenda also included wedding shoe browsing which lead to an actual purchase. I am not a shoe person but when I saw them I said, "Oh my goodness those are perfect!" After my round of shopping I headed home to bake these delicious cupcakes for a Memorial Day party at work tomorrow. I made 2 different kinds, Devil's Food cake with bits of Andes Mints and Double Fudge cake with honey peanut butter added in. My fiance and I loved them both but agreed the mint cupcakes were better. Tomorrow will be the test! Off to bed soon, up at 5:ooam for a 12 hour shift at the hospital. At least I get holiday pay.
Iced Coffee
  • 1 cup cold Archer Farms Honey Nut coffee
  • 2 packets of Amazing Grass chocolate greens packets
  • dash of dark coco

Blend till perfection and enjoy!

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