Friday, May 29, 2009

Yogi Makes Me Feel Good

Tea, well, have never been my cup of tea. No pun intended. Every now and then I find myself craving tea but typically choosing coffee over tea. The folks over at Yogi tea sent me some free samples to try for a taste test. For my first attempt I tried the Green Energy tea after my workout this morning. It was very good with a strong sweet green taste that was perfect. My next tasting was this afternoon as I was relaxing from a hard day of a cleaning frenzy. I enjoyed a cup of Apple Cinnamon Spice that had a great cinnamon taste (favorite spice) that was not to overpowering. I have one more flavor, Berry Detox that is caffeine free that I hope to try one night for an after dinner treat. If you see me out somewhere you might find me drinking a cup of Yogi tea instead of coffee. Thanks Yogi Tea!


Elizabeth said...

Omigoodness. I can't believe you don't love tea! Then again, I don't really like coffee. Lol! You know, Yogi Chai tea isn't too bad! It's stronger than most other Chai teas, but I love it!

fsumeg1884 said...

Have you tried the berry detox?