Sunday, May 17, 2009

Just Breath

"Just Breath," such a simple two word saying but how hard it can be sometimes. In times of big changes and stress all you really need to do is just breath and take it all in. For the past two years I have been an avid runner logging an average of 40 mpw. But with many life changes, stress, and a need to try something different I have moved to other forms of exercise to help me get my sweat on. Though this transition is needed and my decision it has been a harder battle then I thought. I am still running but significantly less to an average of 15 mpw. My appetite, body, metabolism are all changing while I am learning to adapt myself as well. The different activities I have been doing are ok but do not give me that since of empowerment and a stronger sense of self that I can get from running.

I have been hearing so many great things about yoga and what it can do for your body and mind. As a runner, stretching has always been a integral part of my workouts but only focused on a few moves after my runs to loosen my legs up again. After doing some research I found a studio that offered Bikram, "Hot Yoga," as my class of choice. Bikram yoga is a 90 minute class of intense yoga in a enclosed room with a temperate of 95+ degrees. The idea behind the heat is to raise your bodies temperature causing it to work harder thus burning more calories and sweating A TON to release and let go of all those toxins.

I completed my first 3 classes last week and I am officially hooked. I already bought a unlimited pass for 1 month. Above are 2 of my favorite yoga positions.

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