Saturday, August 23, 2008

New Blog Direction

So after 2 months of no posting I have decided to take this blog into some sort of direction. A direction that I am sending my entire life. A course of action with a purpose of being the healthiest and happiest person I can be. I have been viewing a lot of other blogs for some inspiration. Will see how this goes but it's basically going to be about me, my life, the ups/downs, good/bad that God sends my way as He transforms me continually in accordance with His good, pleasing, perfect will.

I have notice on many other blogs an interest in posting different pictures of current meals or food obessions (The pic above was a post run meal of Lean Cuisine pepperoni pizza, carrots with roasted red pepper hummus, 1c. of corn/peas). I decided to join in own this passion since healthy eating and exercise have become such a huge part of my life . As it would have to be since I have held my 100lb weight loss for 2 years now. WOW! See Above.
Posts of the future will include more foodie pictures, healthy eating and dieting tips, workout session results. Now I am off for a reading session in bed before lights outs. Currently reading James Patterson, whom I have taken a liking too. By the way for visitors of the site, I am a early to bed/riser that comes from bad sleeping genes and being a nurse. Oh how I love the sound of my alarm at 5am. So here goes nothing!

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