Thursday, August 28, 2008

Weird Food Combinations

Everyone is different, especially their taste buds. After coming across a few discussions in other blogs about this topic, I decided to pay a little tribute to the many different food taste combinations and quirks.

Strange Food Combinations
  • carrots and cucumbers dipped in mustard
  • ketchup over my pancakes
  • coleslaw on a hot dog
    string cheese inside hot chocolate
  • toasted english muffin with butter, corn syrup, and cottage cheese on top
  • pickles dipped in ketchup
  • graham crackers dipped in orange juice
  • hot peas in cold applesauce
  • cayenne and pineapple
  • jelly & egg sandwiches
  • ketchup & mac & cheese
  • ketchup on mashed potatoes
  • egg whites and yellow rice for breakfast
  • french fries dipped in their chocolate shake
  • pb & banana sandwiches dipped in chili.
  • spaghetti sandwiches
  • sharp cheddar, chocolate, and dates together
My personal food tastes are: cottage cheese with oatmeal, ketchup over eggs, carrots dipped in mustard, cottage cheese topped with pepper, potato chips in peanut butter and jelly sandwich, peanut butter and pumpkin sandwich.

My Food Quirks - not weird, but are in my routine of how I prefer to eat certain food items
  • Pulling all the toppings off a pizza, eating them separately, then eating the crust
  • Pie crust is my favorite so I always eat the filling first then eat the crust last
  • I do not like to have my food touch, each item is clearly separated from one another
  • My sandwiches are cut on a horizontal line, not diagonal
  • I pull my sandwiches apart piece by piece to eat them
  • Cupcakes bottom must always be eaten before cupcake top


Christina said...

Heh, my food quirk would be eating raw pie dough while I'm rolling it out! It gets disgusting after a while because all it is is glorified paste, lol.

I get what you mean about eggs and rice for breakfast. I've even eaten soup for breakfast before. But the ketchup on pancakes is a little odd... like syrup on scrambled eggs!`

fsumeg1884 said...

Syrup with scrambled eggs is not my cup of tea but many of my fellow southernor's love it.

Anonymous said...

i love ketchup and mashed potatoes!