Friday, March 20, 2009

Blueberry Beer?

I love a good ole glass of wine with dinner but never have I been a big drinker of beer much less flavored beers. But I feel a change in the winds as I attempt to expand my food horizons. For tonight's taste testing I have Wild Blue Blueberry Lager and Kashi Sicilian Veggie pizza. I hope that it will be a winning combo as I watch March Madness, GO FSU SEMINOLES!
Well, dinner is over and my tummy is very full. I love, love, love running but I hate how it can make my appetite soar to the sky. I especially notice this on double digit run days such as this with my 10 miler this morning. Sometimes my hunger will just hit me and I am starving. Even when my tummy is full, I still feel my appetite is not satisfied. My fiance and I both tried the Wild Blueberry Lager with our pizza and we both agree that it was a little too sweet for our taste buds. I would recommend it to anyone for a desire to tantalize their taste buds once in a while. As for an everyday beer, this would not be my pick. The Kashi Pizza was very good, light yet filling with the right balance of sauce, crust, and toppings. Nothing was overloaded. I cannot wait to try another flavor. Go Kashi!


Anonymous said...

Did you like the Wild Blue Lager. I tried it once and wasn't a huge fan.

The pizza looks yummy!

fsumeg1884 said...

I thought it was ok. A little to sweet and thick for my taste. My fiance did not like it either.