Monday, March 9, 2009

I Love Cake!

I have always loved the taste of birthday cake, wedding cake, any cake will do. So I am always thrilled when there is any reason to eat some. This past weekend I made a trip to FL for a Bridal show and to meet with my cake baker. As much as I love cake, I am still feeling the sugar high and need a hiatus for a while. Here is what my wedding cake will look like except the monogram letters will match mine and my new husband. What does everyone think?


Christina said...

It's very pretty. I like the green flowers, too, as it looks very natural and fresh. What kind of flavor will it be?

fsumeg1884 said...

Flavor is still undecided for my cake, possibly Italian Creme. His cake will be red velvet with a darker chocolate icing with strawberries to match the red velvet.