Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Good Early Morning Meg

I love the feeling of getting up early in the morning because it allows for more time to enjoy my day and accomplish my goals. First on the agenda is a quick breakfast of a Chocolate Chip Cliff and banana then headed to the gym for a light run and some cross-training on the elliptical. While losing weight I always headed to the gym early in the morning and that habit has just stuck with me. The benefits of working out in the morning are increasing your metabolism early in the day to burn more calories, little time to talk yourself out of it, and it can help put you in the mindset of healthy eating. Well, at least for me, it is hard to eat a big cheeseburger and fries after I just ran 6 miles. To me, the cheeseburger defeats the purpose of the 6 mile run. Just because you ran 6 miles or 10 miles or 2 miles, does not mean you can eat whatever you want. After lunch I plan to head to the polls to vote for the run-off election in Georgia then headed for a treat trip to my home away from home, Whole Foods store.

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