Saturday, December 6, 2008

My Best-Morning-Friend

Oh coffee, how I love thee! I have been drinking coffee in the morning since I was in high school. After many attempts to give up the habit or switch to tea.....I just cannot not do it. There is just something about the smell, the sound of the coffee maker, and the taste of good coffee in the morning. Nothing else can compare. Busy day of Christmas shopping, SEC championship football game to watch.

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LiLmissGuTs said...

Oh coffee...the morning isn't right with out it! I realized this so much more when I had to skip it for various reasons. I'm just the opposite though-I used to HATE it and always tried to like it, but didn't acquire the taste until i went cold turkey on worser forms of caffeine [read SODA!].

Anyhow, I also just wanted to say HI and let you know that I admire you a lot. Not only because you seem like an incredible person,another who gets up at the crack of dawn [well before!] for 12 hours of hospital madness, but also because of your very real faith, much like my own [I'm sure the two go together]. With HIM to strenghten me I hope I can come through my own life with a testimony much like yours!